Who Dat
I Believe
Bless You Boys

WE Won NFC Championship
The Trophy
In 1967 I attended my first Saints Game. I was there to witness
the birth of a new professional football team in the city of New
Orleans. I watched as John Gilliam ran back the opening kick
off in Tulane Stadium for a touchdown. We were off to a great
start or, so I thought.  

A few years later, I saw John Dempsey's  famous 63 yard field
goal kick that won the game. It was electrifying. I remember
Archie Manning, our new quarterback from Drew Mississippi.

That was the beginning, but as the years went by the
excitement wore off and there was a lot more losing than
winning. I remember those losing seasons, the paperbags on
our heads. The "Aints" we were called. Couldn't give away my
tickets. No one wanted them.

For 43 years the team and the city suffered together. Never
quite making it to the playoffs or making it there but, not any
further.  This year it was different, finally we had a coach, a
quarterback, a team. It all fell into place. Our time had finally

I dedicate this page to the NFL Champion New Orleans Saints
and to all their dedicated followers. WHO DAT !!
Finish Strong
"Saints Go All the Way"
bring the Wood
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