Kacie - Bella
Wes - Owain
Wes - Owain  
Ames - Spirit
Ames - Spirit
Courtney - Rufus
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Wilsong Puppy questionnaire
"Lindzi is doing great. She is getting
along well with our other dog and just
loves to play with the kids. She’s very
lovable and lets everyone pick her up
and pet her.  She had her first vet visit
last week and did very well."
Belle Rose, La.
Kacie now has a great home in Utah in
a nice cabin up in the woods. Kacie will
be busy as a loving companion
accompanying her owner on daily long
trail walks.
Blakely - Lilly
Blakely's new name is Lilly.
She is living in Gainesville
Florida where she is going  to
be  very busy with her new
family  pursuing a show career
along with agility.
Courtney is going to go live in northern
Indiana. His new family has plans for
him to learn Obedience, Conformation
and more.
Ames, my handsome guy, has a new
name Spirit. He is now living in Florida
name Spirit. He is now living in Florida
name Spirit. He is now living in Florida
with his new owner. He will be busy  with
his new owner. He will be busy  
competing in Agility and also do some
herding. He lives close enough to his
brother , Owain and will see him often.
Wes is now Owain. He has a great
home in   Florida. Where he can do
some herding, train for agility and  
conformation. He looks a lot like his
Dad, Buddy.  
All puppies in this litter have been adopted.
Courtney - Rufus
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