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Kentuckiana Tartan Border Collie Club
Regional Specialty Winner 2009
Wilsong TinkerBell
MId-Kentucky  Kennel Club March 12, 2009
Tinker does her Magic again and wins a 4 Point Major
(WB) Winners & (BOS )Best of Opposite( over Specials)
under Judge Jacqueline L Stacy
Thank you Mrs Stacy for this lovely Win.
Handled by Tracey Gustavson
In Kentucky 2009
Tinker did her Magic and won over 29 entries for a 5 point Major.

Thank You Judge Neena L Van Camp for this wonderful win.
And a special Thanks to Bob Slunaker for handling our little girl for us.
And to Karen Bell for stepping in when we needed her.
TinkerBell won Back to Back Majors and placed every day of the 5 day  circuit.
We couldn't be  Prouder of our beautiful "little fairy princess."

While at the show, Tinker met so many people. Some even came back day after day
to root for her. These were complete strangers that came back with their family to
see her.  She had her own fan club. You could say they fell under her Spell.
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wilsong tinkerbell gif
wilsong tinkerBell gif
KTBCC 2009 Specialty Winner
"AKC Border Collies Bred for Show,  Performance & Companions"
wilsong tinkerbell gif
TINKER WINS again!!!
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wilsong tinkerbell gif
Louisville Kentucky
AM CH Companions Perfect Little Flirt at Wilsong
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