"Just a word about one of the greatest genetic creations on
the face of this earth...the border collie.

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a
locomotive. Able to leap tall fences in a single bound. The dog
that all sheep talk about but never want to meet. The fur that
legends are made of. Makes coyotes cringe, sheep trip the
light fantastic and eagles soar somewhere else.

Invested with the energy of a litter of puppies, the work ethic of
a boat person and the loyalty of Lassie, they ply their trade on
sagebrush flats, grassy fields and precipitous peaks from sea
to shining sea.

pucks on the ice. Black and white hummingbirds, in out, up
down, come by sheep. With head up, one eye cocked over
their shoulder asking directions. To the gate through the race.
Mighty dog moves behind the bunch like a towboat pushing
barges around a bend.

And heart? Do they try? "Just let me at'em, Dad!" "Stay?
"Cmom, I'm ready!" "Stay!" "Can't you feel me hummin'?
Listen to my heart, it's purrin' like a cat! I am primed! Aim me,
point me, pull the trigger!" "Away to me!"
It makes me feel like Robin Hood.
He leaves my side like an arrow.

Workin' dogs is like manipulating a screwdriver with
chopsticks. Like doing calligraphy with a plastic whip. Like
bobbing for apples. Like threading a needle with no hands.
Like playing pool on the kitchen table.

There are no straight lines in nature. Only arcs. Great
sweeping curves of sight and thought and voice and dog.
Always having to lead your command about a dog's length.

Sheep bunched like logs on the river. Dogs paddling in the
current, always pushing up stream. A ewe breaks loose. Then
another. Another. The log jam breaks. Dogs and sheep tumble
about in the white water. Calm again, they start back upstream.

Border collies. Are they truly smarter than a chimpanzee? Can
they change course in mid air? Drag Nell from the tracks and
locate the missing microfilm? Yes, I believe they can.

They are the best of the best, the epitome of "above and
beyond the call of duty". Head Dog. Top Gun.

I salute you, for man has never had a better friend."

Baxter Black
Wilsong Border Collies GloryBound

by Baxter Black.
JWW 08
The Border Collie
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