Today I said goodbye to a dear friend, his name was George. At least, that is what I
called him. You see, George was a peacock. A friendly neighborhood guy that
wandered onto my property about a year ago. The neighbor down the road from
us has some peacocks. Four of them, two male Peacocks & two female Pea hens.
George was isolated from the group & decided to come here to live. This is why I
called him "Lonesome George" Many a days he would stand by the back door &
peer into the house, looking bright eyed at us. He would walk the grounds, often
rooting through my garden for food. When I called him, he would come running to
me, much like a dog.  He became very tame and a fixture here at Wilsong.

A couple of days ago I noticed he was standing around & looked puffed up. I
attributed this to him going through the molting stage. On Wednesday morning
though, George was not outside. Later that day he still had not come around. I felt
strongly that something was wrong. Thursday still no sign of George. I looked for
him all day. I prayed he was not hurt. I was really worried. Maybe he went back
home. Then Friday morning came along and I looked out the window and I saw a
male peacock out by the pond walking. I was so excited.
Was this George? I opened my front door and saw that there was 3 peacocks. The
neighbors peacocks. Where's  George?  Was he with them? No, just the 3 of them.

Later that day I found George, he was under his favorite bush along side of the
peacock habitat. I still do not know what he died from and it wil always remain a
mystery. I thank God for sending me this awesome friend & cherish the time I spent
with him.

Good Bye George.   
Goodbye George
Sept 17, 2010
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