of dogs, but as of yet, they do not recognize it in Border
collies. The color of seal is accepted as a Border Collie
color in other registries. For now, seal colored Border
Collies are recorded as sable. You will often hear
breeder call seal colored dogs Dark Sable or Wild
This is a photo of the first pup born.
He is seal & white
Here is a close up photo of the last pup born.
She is also a seal & white.

I have three pups in the litter that are seal & white.
Five pups are black & white like their mom.
Description of the seal color in Border Collies
Here is the sire of the litter "Sportingfield Bear
Necessity" his color is seal with white markings.  
"Particularly rare this is a 'ghost' version of sable.
Due to a combination of recessive and dominant
genes the sable pattern cannot be fully expressed
and as such you will see the odd area of sable
colour showing through a chocolate - black coat."
Here are some examples of seal colored dogs.
American Stafford Terrier
This is a good comparison - Two Boston Terriers.
The one on the left is black & white,
the other one on the right is seal & white.
Above is a close up of a seal & white dog.
Italian Greyhound color -
Seal & White
The color seal is even found in cats.
Here is a fine example - seal point Siamese.
"The color of seal can range from seeming black
all the the way to a chocolate shade. Some think
of this as a black but it's not a true black. It has
tan tipping throughout the coat or around the
neck or shoulders. If the dog seems black but
out in the sunlight has some sort of tan
anywhere or seems 'faded'.. then it's a SEAL.  
The tips or lighter shading will be seen on the
sides, around the shoulders and sometimes in
the loin.
Here are some descriptions of seal color in dogs,I
have found in the research I have done so far:
Have a seal colored dog, you would like to share photos of ?
Or have some input on the color of seal in dogs?  Please
feel free to email me at
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