Wilsong's Shanghai Breezes
AM Ch Wagons Ho Shanghai Breezes HIC CGC
Shanghai arrived in Louisiana on November 22, 2004. He was 5 months old. He left sunny
Florida after surviving four hurricanes. Because of this evacuated and they became known as
"The Hurricane Babies".

July 2005 - after a slow start, he won his first point - a three point major at the Houston Astrohall
Shows. The following weekend he won 3 out of 4 shows with a Best of Opposite and a Best of
Winners. He now had 12 points (with 3 majors). We thought we were on our way, but you
guessed it - a hurricane came to Louisiana -  Hurricane Katrina.

After a lot of cancelled plans and shows, we got back on track. On November 20th Shanghai
finished his Championship at 15 months old with his 4th major. This was just 2 days short of 1
year from the day we picked him up from the airport in New Orleans.  

Shanghai is our first Border Collie here at Wilsong. I showed him and he received all his
Championship points owner handled. We are very proud of our "Hurricane Baby"

Copied from the Parade of Champions  BCSA 2006 National Catalog     written by Judy Wilson
Beautiful face of Shanghai
I first saw Shanghai at the 2004 BCSA Nationals.
One look in that puppy pen and it was love at first sight. Thank You Wagons Ho Kennels for
my lovely boy.  A very good friend of mine in Borders once told me "Everyone has their
That Special Dog that you bond with and always have a spot in your heart for. Since Shanghai
is a Denver grandson, He is not just my " HEART DOG"  
He is my  "HEART N SOUL DOG".  

Born with the beautiful Borderfame look and fluid, graceful movement.
He has a loving disposition and Personality. He is the JOY of my life.
"AKC Border Collies Bred for Show,  Performance & Companions"
Wilsong's Shanghai guarding Gate
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Here's Shanghai at 10 years old
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before watching the video.
Shanghai - Guarding the Gate at Wilsong Kennels
"AKC Border Collies Bred for Show,  Performance & Companions"