.Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport

Shipping dogs is a fairly simple thing to do.  You need an airline approved crate* (a
crate the size for shipping a puppy is about $70, a crate for shipping an adult dog
crate is $55 -$70,  a health certificate* dated within 3 -10 days of travel (usually $70),
and an airline reservation* at least 24 hours in advance.  When your puppy is old
enough to ship, You will book the flight and I will take care of getting your dog to the
airport and you will reimburse us the charges for the health certificate, dog crate and
airline ticket. The cost for shipping is running between $370 - $400 The airline ticket
cost  will vary depending on how far the dog is shipped. We ship out of New Orleans
( MSY) and  occasionally Baton Rouge  (BTR) or
Louis Armstrong New Orleans
International & Baton Rouge Metropolitan.
Dogs flown by themselves are shipped with "Cargo", but not all airlines treat them as
cargo.  Some airlines have "Pet" programs where pets are transferred from the plane
first and are given the fastest connection times.  Others even have air conditioned
vans that the pets travel in when going from plane to plane. If you decide to fly and
pick up your puppy yourself, there is still a charge for flying home with the dog.  
Whether the puppy is small enough to ride under the seat in front of you or have to
ride in it's crate under the plane, they are still considered "checked baggage" and
assessed a charge.  

Here are some airlines to consider.

American Airlines Cargo

Delta Cargo

United Airlines

*the crate will be your & can be used to crate train your pup.

*the price for the health certificate includes a trip to our Veterinarian - the visit charge,
a physical examination and the state required certificate.
An additional fee of $15 for a
rabies shot & certificate is required by the state of Louisiana if your pup is over the
age of 12 weeks.

*airline fees vary so an exact amount is hard to estimate.
NEW - direct flights from New Orleans to L.A. are now available & Alaska Air offers
direct flights to Washington state.
Information on shipping a puppy
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