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Our Snow Miracle
Tribute to Dash
This is a collection of some of my favorite slide shows & videos.
Some , I made and some I
wish I made. Hope you enjoy them.
not a Border Collie, but pretty smart. Not, as smart as a Border
Collie. A Border would have open the pen& let the others out.
Only You
If you are having a bad day, this is the slide show to watch.
A very   lovely  uplifting slide show presentation.
wilsong border collies gif
border collie puppies for sale
Oh Pretty Baby!
Here I Come...
A Love Story
This was my first slide show.
Charlie Chaplin
one of the best freestyle routines of all times
Best of Breed
interview with Judith Gregory
Braeyden & SoSo at Wilsong Border Collie Kennels in Robert, La. Sadly, no litter came from this
pairing. SoSo was Shanghai's litter sister, she died five years after slide show was recorded.She
was so happy & full of life here. We dedicate this slide show in her memory. RIP SoSo
This is a very special slide show I made for a very special dog.  I remember Dash  
from a very young pup & followed his show career to the end. A Truly GREAT DOG
The Dumbest Dog in the World
Definately not a Border Collie but, so cute
CLICK photo to see Sofia
border collie puppies for sale
border collie puppies for sale
"AKC Border Collies Bred for Show,  Performance & Companions"
What Day for a Day Dream
Meet the Wilsong Border Collies
Jett & the Parrot
Border Collies -The Smartest Dog
This slide show I put together
when Dash was so tragically
taken from us. It celebrates the
good times & somehow teaches
us to appreciate the time we
share with our precious dogs.