NEWS BULLETIN !!!! NEWS BULLETIN !!!!! TinkerBell wins another BIG Major to complete her AKC Championship in a Big Way ...."CH Companions Perfect Little Flirt at Wilsong"

We are proud to announce we have a New AKC Champion!! Ch Hot Shot Sweet Isabella at Wilsong
The Girls
Wilsong's GloryBound
"AKC Border Collies Bred for Show,  Performance & Companions"
Rowdy smile
Wilsong's Glory & Julee at play
Girls playing tag - Glory & Julee
Wilsong Girls
"Julee, Glory & TinkerBell "
have all passed their
AKC Canine Good Citizens Test
and have received CGC awards
Glory wins Best of Opposite at the Kentucky Cluster
under Judge Raymond V Filburn Jr  on Saturday over top ranking Specials.
Glory has come a long way with the help of her Dedicated  Handler,
Tracey Gustavson.
This win was an especially SWEET win proving with love & training
" The Little Engine that Could" won after all. Glory is not a real big girl and she is not perfectly
marked, but she is balanced and well put together & her fluid movement is flawless.
We are so proud of our Hot Shot Girl, CH Hot Shot Glory Bound Wls HIC CGC
The little Engine that could
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I always knew that there was something special about this beautiful
black & white girl. After all The first day I met her was on my birthday.
TinkerBell's name was picked out before she was born. She was a
daughter out of Disney, so the name seemed appropriate. I almost
decided not to jinx her with that name. When she runs she actually
flys, all 4 feet off the ground. And when she's excited, she spins
around & around sort a like a fairy. Tinker's registered name is
"Perfect Little Flirt" and that's another talent she possesses.
flirts with other dogs all the time.
This girl has so much energy. Izzy is a sheer delight to be around. She is
very smart & outgoing. She learns very quickly. Show her something one
time & she's got it. She loves to play. Playing tug a war with her lead is a
favorite game. She never stops going. She loves toys especially tennis
ballls and ropes. One of her best friends is Otis - the cat. She will play
hide and seek with him every chance she gets. So cute to see.
Our Bizzy Izzy                 
Glory loves to run, jump and play. Most of the dogs will jump straight
up but, Glory jumps up and travels in the air from one end of the run
SOARING . Her other role is head cheerleader. When company
arrives, she barks and looks around to see if she can get everyone
else to join in. She's a happy, vivacious and a fun loving dog.
That's our Glory Girl.      
This is Ally, our Glory girl (daughter) So much like her mother. ALLy is
named "For ALL the Glory" in honor of her mom. We can't wait to see
her grow up. Ally has a lovely personality. But, don't let the sweet face
fool you when she plays with the boys, she can hold her own. If barking
starts, you can bet Ally is the one that starts it.
My little Ally         
INTRODUCING   Kelsey - Jesse Belle - & Annabel - Our new young ladies
Jesse Bell
Picking out a name for our new little girl was a difficult one Her
father Shanghai is named after a John Denver song, since he is a
Denver(CH Borderfame Heart N Soul) grandson.
Jesse's Mom is TinkerBell.I wanted Belle to be part of her name.
I found a beautiful song John Denver wrote for his daughter. It was
perfect. " The Gift You Are " John's daughter is Jesse Belle. Jesse
meaning a gift and Belle for a southern beauty.
The Gift You Are ( Jesse Belle)
Click picture
Julee is our beautiful brown eyed girl, who as a puppy was notorious
for slipping away from the other dogs and could be found sitting
quietly hiding along the fence watching the neighbor's cows. Julee is
also a wonderful Nanny. She absolutely loves puppies. Every time
there are puppies here, she quickly takes on the role of the  Nanny.
Our Julee is a beautiful, smart, sweet & loving dog.  
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TinkerBell Wins in KY 2009 & WINS BIG in
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beautiful border collie
Wilsong Double Chocolate Surprise
Wilsong Sweet Annabel
Wilsong Little Miss Perfect
Meet Miss Kelsey, She is my
chocolate girl from Glory & Grizzly.
She was a
surprise - the last
puppy born & the only chocolate
pup in the litter. Her Mom, Glory is a
Borderfame Choc Chill daughter
&her father Grizzly, has Borderfame
Choc Chill several generations
back in his pedigree. So, I
doubled up on Choc chilll being on
both sides of Kelsey's pedigree
thus the name   "Wilsong
Surprise" Kelsey is a
active girl of medium size and has
beautiful gold/orange eyes.
Annabel is my "Anna Banana"
Her color is a dark gold, almost a
strawberry blonde. Anna is a happy
go lucky girl. Her Mom is Izzy & her
Dad is Indy. She has a gold father,
a gold grandmother on both sides
of her pedigree. She definitely
carries the gold gene. From the
moment she was born, I knew she
was a keeper. Annabel besides her
striking color, is a beautiful
structured girl with a loving
personality. She loves the hose.
You could say she goes

for the hose.
Missy is my Woo Woo girl.
Sometimes when I talk to her,
(I often hold conversations with her)
she will hold her head back & let out
a loud woo woo. Missy is a beautiful
mahogany sable (dark seal or a wild
sable) a magnificent color. She is  
TinkerBell granddaughter. We knew
she was "Special" from the moment
she entered this world. When she
stands, not a foot is out of place.
Perfect. She loves, loves everyone.
Shes, the complete package. her
grandma is
Perfect Little Flirt,her
mom is
Perfect Little Companion
Her name is
Little Miss Perfect !!