Our Dogs, before they are bred, have all the health clearances, some are cleared by parentage  
for the common Border Collie genetic diseases, others are tested before they are bred.   All
are sold with a
written contract, with a  return policy, health certificate,  health  guarantee,  
microchiped, vet checked, are current on all vaccinations and de wormed.  Our puppies are
evaluated & temperament tested at 8 weeks.  We breed Show Dogs. Our puppies are  puppy
from AKC Champion parents and from proven show lines. We have performance/companion
puppies available occasionally. The average price for a Wilsong show quality puppy is
Pet/ Performance puppy sometimes are
less, depending on each individual dog -
Pet/performance are sold with
limited registration. Call for more info.

To reserve a pup a deposit ($300) is required.  We occasionally  have
some  Pet/Companion/performance pups available for

Call now to reserve your pup 985 542 2039.  

We strive to improve the Border Collie breed. Our breeding program is geared toward  
breeding for excellent health, conformation, working/herding ability, athleticism and
Grand CH Sporting Field It's Magic at Wilsong  
CH Companion's Perfect Little Flirt at Wilsong
Contact us if you are interested in a Wilsong pup
like a Jolene. Shes a precious little girl. My little Miss I
named Jolene after a Dolly Pardon song, She just looked
outgoing and she's a bright little girl. Jolene would be great
for almost an activity or would make a great companion.     
Nadia gets her name from the famous Romanian
gymnast, Nadia Comăneci. She was small but,
mighty. She is full of energy, very playful. She
loves to be held. She is very loving and a
cuddle bug. Nadia would do well as a Pet/
Performance dog. Any family would be lucky to
have her as I feel she will fit in fine.     
Spud, now called Duncan, is a smart and fun loving little boy. He is
always the first to run to you. He is loving and sweet. Because he has
two different colored eyes, he is unique. Spud is starting to blossom
into a handsome dog. He will be excellent as a performance dog or
obedience, or make a wonderful member of any family.  Spud's new
name is Duncan & he lives in Texas, Aggie country.   
This is Margo she's has lots of bone,
pretty expression and nice head. Shes
sweet and lovable. She is Show Quality /
Performance or Pet.
Margo kept her name but, it is spelled
MARGEAUX ! and she answers to Maggie
All the Puppies have found
their new homes.
border collie puppies for sale
border collie puppies for sale
border collie puppies for sale
border collie puppies for sale