Freshness of ingredients is paramount and many ingredients still
come from traditional markets. The animal is killed at point of sale
(strangulation is one method) or, a concept abhorrent to most
Westerners, bought live and trussed and killed by the buyer.
Sometimes it is skinned alive with casual cruelty for the sake of
freshness. Because it is hard to skin something moving without
getting clawed or bitten, the animal is stunned, trussed or paralysed
by neck-breaking. Killing methods in these markets may be rough and
ready - bludgeoning, boiling (stunned or conscious) or stabbing.
Warning: this video contains some graphic
material. Not suited for everyone.
"I will not export animals to countries that do not have
laws to protect them."   
These are dog hides being cured & getting ready for sale at the markets.
we do not export to asia - wilsong border collies

Please help by donating to the Dogs In Asia fund to raise awareness to breeders
world-wide about the dangers of exporting their dogs & puppies to countries like
China and Korea which have very little if no animal welfare legislation.

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border collie puppies for sale
border collie puppies for sale
border collie puppies for sale
border collie puppies for sale
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