Wilsong Border Collies
Here are the puppies June 1, 2011
They are 17 days old.
The puppies are in the order they made their
debut on a Sunday morning  May15, 2011
at Wilsong Kennels in Robert, La.
First Born - Tuxedo Girl "LadyBird"
She couldn't wait to come. A pretty little girl with
2 front paws that remind me of a Tuxedo Cat.
Second to appear is Griz Jr.
He is a handsome guy just like his Daddy.
Third puppy born, Glory decided to
surprise us with a Chocolate puppy.
Our sweet Choco Girl
Fourth puppy to make the scene is
Dark Boy"Jet". He is so cute. Pictures do
not do him justice. Here he is showing how
excited he is to be photographed.
Meet Long John or "John John", the 5th puppy
born. He has one long front leg that is black,
the long arm of the law? Long John
I told Glory we need more girls, so number 6 puppy came
along. Lil Glory. She is marked like Glory, Zig Zag collar,
pretty face, but not crooked like Mom. Very pretty girl.
Patiently we waited almost an hour and a half for the next puppy.
Meet Star Struck - or "Star"
This little cutie was our 7th puppy and the last girl born. Like
any Diva "Star" had to make a grand entrance, and like a Star,
she made us wait. When you look into her eyes, her eyes
twinkling like little Stars.
After Glory had the 8 expected puppies, we let Glory
out and we all took a sigh of relief that everything
went well. And here comes number 9 pup
Our pup number 8 was in a hurry to come into
the world. He arrived almost immediately after
Star. No one even noticed he had arrived. He
has a spot on his collar, so we call him Spot On
"Twilight". He is a real nice boy.
All dressed up in formal attire is our Tuxedo Boy "Devyn". He was
pup number 9. This little guy is not really little, He was last but
not least. Tuxedo boy is the biggest guy in the litter right now.  
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