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Lil Doll is a beautiful black & white little girl from
the Glory/Hercules litter. She would be a perfect
agility dog because of her modest size. She is
sweet, eager to learn, loves people. She is
perfectly marked and would fit in any family.

Trudy is a big girl from the Glory/Hercules litter.
She is well built, nice bone, big head, wonderful
personality. She is very outgoing and enjoys
running, playing and swimming. She would be an
awesome show prospect. What sets her apart,
other than her bigger than life persona is she has
one blue eye.

Annabel is my gold & white girl from the Izzy/Indy
litter. She is staying here at Wilsong. Annabel is
active girl. Her markings may not be as even as I'd
like, but from the moment I laid eyes on her, I fell in
love with her.  Her full name is

Della is a delightful young girl. She is black &
inquisitive, always exploring. Della has nice bone,
Della is a delightful young girl. She is black &
pretty face and could be show. Her lovely
expression could melt butter. She will also be a
perfect addition to any family.

Randy is a nice gold & white boy that is marked
excellent. He has good structure, good bone and
a lovely head. He will be a lot like his Dad, Indy.
Randy is friendly, outgoing and loves to play. He
will be able to do it all. He is also marked very

Carson is one of the two gold & white boys from
my Izzy/Indy litter. He very laid back. He is close
in appearance to his brother. It's hard to tell them
apart. He will be a lovely light gold color when he
matures. He has a full white collar and has a
sweet personality. He actually has a girl face, so
tender looking. Carson is living in California his
new name is Flynn He's in training for a Search &
Rescue dog.

Liz was nicknamed after her MOM "IZZY" When
I first saw her I thought "This is my Little Izzy" I
shorten her name to LIZ. She is a black & white
beauty. She is correct in structure, possesses
all the quality you could want in a Border Collie.
She would make a great show girl.

GiGi has perfect markings. She has a full white
collar, lovely full white front legs and the cutest
face ever. She is sweet, cuddly and a joy to
raise. GiGi is a show, performance/pet prospect.
Anyone would be fortunate to have her in their
GiGi was named after the song "Thank Heaven
for Little Girls" from the movie GiGi.

Bruno is the only black & white boy in his litter.
He is so cute and he knows it. Anyone would fall
in love with him. He looks like he smiles all the
time. Bruno is an active little boy, playing all the
time. He reminds me so much of my Rowdy. He
loves life.
Our dogs,  before they are bred, have all the health clearances, some are cleared by  
parentage for the common Border Collie genetic diseases, others are tested before they
tested.  All our puppies are sold with a
written contract, with a  return policy, health
certificate,  health  guarantee,  microchipped, vet checked, are current on all
vaccinations and de wormed.  Our puppies are evaluated & temperament tested at 8
weeks.  We breed Show Dogs. Our puppies are  puppy from AKC Champion parents and
from proven show lines. We have performance/companion puppies available
occasionally. The average price for a Wilsong show quality puppy is
$1500. Pet/
Performance puppy sometimes are
less, depending on each individual dog -
Pet/performance are sold with
limited registration. Call for more info.

To reserve a pup a deposit ($300) is required.  We occassionally  have
some  Pet/Companion/performance pups available for

Call now to reserve your pup 985 542 2039.  

We strive to improve the Border Collie breed. Our breeding program is geared toward  
breeding for excellent health, conformation, working/herding ability, athleticism and
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Bruno,Della,Liz,Carson,Randy,GiGi & Annabel
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This girl from the Glory/Hercules litter was the
smartest one in the litter. She was the first to figure
out to get out the whelping box, the first one to climb
out the puppy pen and first to learn how to use the
water bottle. And yes she was the runt of the litter. A
truly intelligent little girl who found a home fast, in a
wonderful home and is scheduled to do herding.  

Mardi was the pick of the litter. He has a marvelous
personality. He is marked perfectly, has a beautiful
head, large bone and very balanced. Mardi lives
down south, where he loves to play, enjoys meeting
people and other dogs. With parents like Hercules &
Glory he was born to be a Star !   
Both Mardi & Smarty Pants were spoken for early and left for their new homes at 8 weeks
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