border collie puppies for sale
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Annabel playing with Connor November 2015
He tricks her & steals the milk bone.
Wilsong Border Collies GloryBound
Published on Nov 26, 2014

Judith Gregory bought her first Border Collie more than 60 years ago, and her
relationship with the breed has seen her collect 10 Breeder of the Year prizes and
even winning the overall Breeders Final held at Crufts in 2010.
Owner of the Tonkory kennel name, Judith talks to Simon Baillie of dogworld.tv
about the breed she has shared her life with. Hear what to expect of the breed as a
puppy and as an adult, and what is required to keep one of these highly intelligent
and active breed.
border collie puppies for sale
"Yankee" Wilsong's Crusade to Glory
Best of Winners at
The Steel City Kennel Club Show   
April 16, 2016
Thank you Judge Shreve for this honor
and thank you Kimberly for  doing a great job with Yankee
Buoy - A Izzy son doing a little therapy work here, such a sweet boy.
He makes friends with everyone he meets  We're very proud of him.
Trace, Wilsong Tracewind to Glory,  a Glory/Jack son
pictured here with some of his agility awards.
Palladin - a Indy son bred by Cheryl Turpin  
Flynn - Wilsong Flynnegan is doing great
in training as a Search & Rescue dog on the
West Coast near San Diego, California.
Glitter, Wilsong Glitter In The Air At Whistle-Stop taking
time to pose here at a dog show. Glitter lives in Oklahoma.
Buoy enjoying some boating in Key West, Fla.  
Mardi last summer in his swimming pool.
Mardi this year in his swimming pool.
I think he needs a bigger pool.
border collie puppies for sale
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